Highlife Dubai; Navigating the Seas with a Yacht Charter

Skylines emblazoned with audacious architectural innovations, man-made islands in the shape of palm-trees sprawling from the coastline, and desert plains engraved with immense luxurious offerings, People don’t just visit Dubai; they truly experience it!

The ‘wow’ factor is ingrained in every nook and cranny of the city, and it is here that one stumbles across the most luxurious hotels, the biggest shopping festival, the richest horse race, the largest man-made islands, and the tallest building in the world. In addition to a host of exhilarating activities and extravagant amenities that draw tourists towards the city, Dubai has always been known as the super yacht centre of the Arabian Gulf, and a widely popular destination for yacht charters, as many tourists can vouch for!

If you aspire to marvel at the towering skyscrapers in Dubai or delve into the city’s night life, renting a yacht is the most viable way of making sure your family or friends have a great time. Whether you are visiting Dubai for pleasure or business, a ride on a yacht will guarantee that you garner once-in-a-lifetime experience. The picturesque landscape of Dubai is a wonder to behold. Not to mention, cruising through the city will let you pamper yourself and indulge in decadent luxury while treating your eyes to a wondrous sight. While yacht rental in Dubai prices vary from rental company to company, look for a good deal so that you get your value for money.

With the amazing food that you are treated with during the cruise to the incredible views which would leave you breathless, you would want to stay on the sea for a very long time. Most yacht rental companies specialize in offering you the best kinds of comforts and amenities which will lend more charms to your jaunt and make it more relaxing. To make your sojourn all the make memorable, it is important to arrange the details of the voyage beforehand while renting a yacht. A serene cruise through the waters, while observing the staggering outlines of Burj Dubai or Burj Al Arab pass by will definitely leave you feeling ecstatic.

The most perfect time for a private yacht winter getaway is when the temperatures in the emirates drop down considerably from a high of 45C in July and the dissipated humidity means that you can relish in the open air of the sea without feeling suffocated. The most perfect days for cruising through Dubai are those with days warm enough to swim in the Arabian Sea but the evenings are cool enough to enjoy a romantic dinner on the decks of the yacht. While Dubai yacht charter prices escalate during this season, finding a good deal beforehand always pays well.