Tips on Preparing Your Script For Voice Recording

Voicing for a project may sound easy for some, but it reality, voice over talents take time to practice so you can provide the right voice for the project that is offered to them. And since this kind of job is a little complex in a way, the recording team should be make it easy for the talents to do their job. And one way they can do that is providing a furnished audio script that will serve as the guiding document of your Arabic voice over artist.

If you are on the process of preparing your audio script for dubbing and recording, be sure to go over these details to ensure that your script is prepared for recording and dubbing:

  • Be sure that there are page numbers


This may sound a little trivial but putting page numbers on your scripts is crucial. Why? The page numbers will be used as reference during the recording session. For instance, you took a break on a certain page. Once the team is ready to record, they can just go back to the page where they left. Not putting page numbers will cause confusion and delays on recording. Be sure not to forget this. Little things like this can make recording a little easier.


  • Check for grammar errors


You need to remember that this is audio that will be recorded, saved, and streamed for your audience to see and hear. If a grammatical error or incorrect content is left unnoticed, it will be recorded there forever. It will be a little embarrassing on your part. Scan the script for grammatical errors. If you are not that confident, have someone to check and edit the script before you go on recording session.


  • Indicate pauses and emphasized words


Aside from grammatical errors, your team need to indicate the pauses and emphasizes word so your voice talent would know what part of the script or lines they need to emphasize and parts they should make a pause. Although experienced voice talents and actors can articulately identify which parts of the script should be emphasized, it would help them noticed it beforehand and be prepared for it.


  • Make the script readable


Printing the script with little unreadable fonts can cause strain in the eyes, especially when voice talents are in the recording studio with little lights to help them read the script. Make life easy for your voice talents and print a script that is easy to read and go through.

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