Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from Dubai

Being one of the most popular cities among Tourists, Dubai offers a wide range of souvenir gifts and memories you can tak back home with you. There is something for everyone and when it comes to shopping for souvenirs it really doesn’t ave to be that expensive, as everything else in this glorious city.

There are small colorful shops where you can get things like cups, toy  camels in all colors and sizes, fridge magnets, mouse pads with Dubai motives, T-shirts, ashtrays an key chains. These things are really not expensive, they are nie and they do make a great gift. But maybe you’d like to be a little more original and surprise your loved ones with something that is very unique and specific for the New York of United Arab Emirates. You will probably have to walk into a moll or two, or take a taxi to some places in order to get this special stuff – but it will be worth it.

There is a gift that is suitable for all genders and ages; it is tasty; it can be very sweet or 70% cocoa; it can be white or dark; it can contain a certain amount of alcohol. Yes, it is chocolate, but not any kind of chocolate. This one is made with camel milk! It also comes in the shape of camel. People say that it can be compared to some of the best Belgian chocolates.    There is only one maker and producer of this fine chocolate – Al Nassma Company.

If you want to surprise a girl back home, or your mother, or your aunt, there is a great selection of Persian carpets. They can be very cheap or extremely expensive depending on the quality and which percent of the article is handmade. If you want a real good rug or a carpet and you are prepared to pay some serious money for it, you better check the quality. The good things is that old sellers are used to bargain; actually they love to do it, so you might get a chance to lower the price.

Silk scarfs are wonderful choice for any lady who likes to ware something soft, colorful and beautiful round her neck. But my personal favorite is something else: Perfume Oils. They are made without alcohol which makes them mild; but that doesn’t mean that they are weak; on the contrary. These perfumes are usually made from herbal ingredients and they make sure to use enough of these natural plant sources so that these perfumes could easily be compared with some of the most expensive in the world.

Have a walk and pick your favorite souvenir.