4 Insider Tips to Help you find The Best Catering Company

Are you frantically looking up potential catering companies in Abu Dhabi, trying to find the best one for your upcoming event? Here are a few handy tips to make sure you find a catering company that suits your palette preferences and budget!

  • Availability

Checking with potential caterers if they are available for your event date is the first thing you should do. They should have an available slot on the day of your event so that they can provide you services. In addition, check their payment and booking process. Once you have secured a date, you need to understand when you are required to make the payments. After all, nobody likes to be surprised with an inflated bill mere minutes before their event. It’s important to do your diligent research and meet up with a plethora of caterers well in advance. You can also check with the venue where your event is scheduled, as most have a listing of preferred caterers and suppliers.

  • Budget

Next up, you should have a clear understanding of the costs involved in catering. Ask about all the options provided by the caterer and make sure you are on the same page with the caterer when it comes to what the quoted costs include. If you are working with a limited budget, be sure to inform the caterer how much you are willing to spend. Most caterers will try to create a tailor-made package to meet your budgeting requirements. In addition, since exclusions and inclusions differ from caterer to caterer, be sure to confirm if the quote is inclusive of linen hire, tableware, and VAT. This will help you factor these costs in your budget.

  • Quality of Food

Your main priority when choosing a caterer for your event is the taste, quality, and presentation of food. Ask for a portfolio of their works, as looking at pictures of their dishes would help you decide if their style and presentation is what you were looking for. Ideally, your caterer should tout skilled personnel and commercial facilities to serve your guests well. Be sure to ask the caterer about the quality and sustainability of the produce that they utilize. If the caterer uses too much of seasonal products, it is bound to impact the quality and taste of your food. Visit website of your chosen caterer to check out their portfolio.

  • Experience

You should never overlook the experience possessed by a caterer. You should make sure that they have ample experience catering for the type of event you are planning to organize.