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  2. Ashley Smith

    I am a single father, I look after my two young children and the mother is not interested.
    Is there any helplines for this particular situation as no matter how hard I try I cannot find any advice for this scenario.

    I feel it may have a more profound affect on my children not seeing their mother than it would should I not be around.
    Is this right?

    My son has been acting out in school and at home and seems to not show his emotion or empathy for other people.
    is there anything I can do

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  4. yvonne

    My daughter’s father has been in and out of her life for 9 yrs making false promises and filling her head with how much daddy loves her. He has always only talked a good talk. A weak coward. Our daughter is 9, he does nothing for her financially and yet he just had another child. Since that child has been born he hasn’t called her once! My baby is so broken and I absolutely can’t stand seeing it. What can I tell her or do to make her feel better or find a healthier less painful way of viewing the situation? I don’t know what’s right anymore. Truth vs sugar coating a little?

  5. bobbie

    my son father stop being afather when he had a new son. him and his family.

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  7. rasheeda cowell

    This article missed out on another vital point why a father is absent, some mothers make the choice,i got a friend who raised his son for 5years and the min he had another child the ex of 5years ago now denies him to see his son,because he has moved on.

  8. Sandra

    This was difficult for me as well. My daughter’s father left when she was two and a half and he has never seen her since. It is hard to take the high road but so worth it. I have never spoken negatively about him. I searched for books for her to help with this subject and was amazed by the lack of children’s books to help explain this. I decided to write my own as a gift to her…and it constantly reinforces the message that “no matter what kind of family you have it is perfect for you”. The story is about a giraffe that seeks great beauty in the jungle and wanders off never to return. The message repeated through out the book is ” I’ll always love you and protect you and as you grow you’ll see, that I was chosen for you and you were chosen for me, and even though we are only two…we are still a family”. Although our family has changed as couple of times (now I do some fostering)…the message is clear…that when someone is lost…it’s not because they don’t love you or that you are not worthy…sometimes people like animals…simply get lost!!! Really isn’t that the truth…because who could leave a child? I know my daughter will have more questions as she grows but this beautifully illustrated book has done the trick and she hasn’t had any questions in awhile. If you want to look at our book, it is on http://www.abovethetrees.ca

  9. Rose

    I have a 5year old grandaughter who’s father drops in and out of her life periodically for what ever reasons he has that are not clear to my daughter or myself. Tonight my grandaughter has cried herself to sleep because she is so upset saying that she ‘doesn’t feel lucky and that her life is ruined’. It’s heart breaking to hear this, can anyone give any advice on how to handle this please?

  10. sammy potz

    i know how the father is and he thinks that i have to take him where is he sitting and when they say that he come there he gets mad and calls me name and say things that will hurt the kid

  11. Nif

    I completely second Jolly’s statement that the ‘BLOOD’ is not what defines the father but the effort and interest put forth is what truly matters.

    A child’s destiny is by NO means written simply because the biological father is absent.

    If anything, it is pure motivation for the primary parent to be all within their power they can be for the child. Nothing less.

  12. Jolly

    DADDY isn’t defined as the man who makes the child, but rather the man who extends his hands and time to help with the child’s raising and his heart to love the child through anything!!!! BLOOD doesn’t always make you a DAD. Being a DAD comes from the heart… any fool can make a baby, it takes a man to raise a child!.

  13. jen

    I could not agree less… I would have been so much better off without ever knowing my “dad”. Conceiving a child does not, in any way, automatically make you a parent. It just means that you have sexual organs that work the way they are designed to work. When an adult is unable to put the welfare of a child before ALL else, especially drugs or alcohol… They should not EVER be around that child. While my Mom had to struggle financially, my dad was able to drink himself to sleep every night (sometimes day). He was/is a waste of space, and has taught me NOTHING except what I dont want my son to have in his life. Unfortunately, I learned that lessen AFTER I became pregnant. My son’s “dad” is EXACTLY like my “dad”.

  14. kadeirdre

    i think dhat fathers shoplld always be there 4 dhere children no matter what happen

  15. Ro

    All fathers should be there for their kids no matter what!!! I grew up without my father, and my life was bad. His name is Joseph McCall from Philadelphia PA and now lives in Virgina, and not to put all the blame of my life on him, but if he was there for me I know things would have been better. he married and raised 2 other kids but not me. Was I not good enough??? I know I’m not the only person out there with a story like this, but they all need to be heard…

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