1. ana

    porque en venezuela no hay la vacuna contra el vph asi como en otros paises la hay no me parece justo

  2. Yes.

    Vaccinate her. 90% of my girlfriends have it – it’s every where. Seriously. I wish we would have had this vaccine.

  3. Ashley

    Please don’t forget the other ways that HPV can be contracted aside from the two things you mentioned in your blog “However, abstinence is not a cure all. My daughter could very well contract HPV from her spouse. She could also contract HPV from non-consensual contact.” Sexual contact includes those “other” things that many teenagers do instead of sex in order to stay “abstinant.” HPV lives anywhere skin does–so hand-genital or oral-genital contact are means of transmission. I am a woman who can personally testify to that fact. Teenagers often think that as long as they’re not technically having sex, that they’re safe…well, they’re wrong. Many diseases can be passed along in those ways, HPV being one of them.

  4. Hello Gabriella,
    I think it is wonderful that you are doing your research before you just jump in and start poking needles.

    I will not let any doctor give my daughter the Gardasil shot. I do not call it a vaccine because I do not think it has been proven to prevnt anything they boast about. They have done very little to test the out come of these shots. I am wondering if in ten years we see that the girls that got the shot have more problems because of it.

    I understand that the doctors, commercials, and pharmaceutical companies are using fear and putting your parenting in question. This is how they have pushed people into being guinea pigs for their products and also fill their pockets at the same time.

    I would just say to look for information about this shot from people that are not going to financially benefit from your choice.

    I have a post on my blog with a few of my thoughts an Gadasil and a link to some information I think everyone with a daughter should at least take a look at. Gardasil And Your Child.
    My daughter and I are “One Less” one less that will be a lab rat for them. One less that will be ruled by unfounded fear. One Less that will fill the greedy pockets of people that have no regard for anyone but themselves.

    Only you can do what is right for your child and by doing your research you are being a great mom!


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