1. Your three helpful hints are indeed helpful. However, your fundamental assumption about kids is false and in fact insulting to kids. furthermore, it undermines our purpose of raising responsible children. Children are NOT by nature irresponsible, There is a lot of good research that shows children want to be helpful to others, and are very good at doping out what they need. My experience bears this out: treat them as if they love responsibility and they will be responsible.

  2. You have very rightly said “Part of this training is to teach them to develop fine qualities and protect them from potential dangers ahead.”
    In fact, you can help them guard against potential dangers only when they grow up to be confident, self-motivated, secure and strong individuals. Parents cannot always be around. But it is their responsibility to impart life wisdom in their child – Pass on important life-lessons about responsibility, honesty, perseverance, kindness, self-confidence. And also solve any behavior problems right at the initial stages so that they do not explode into disastrous issues later.

    In fact, http://www.wisie.com/ aims to provide parents with an amazing daily parenting help where they can impart the life wisdom in their children and help them grow up to be self-reliant, responsible and confident human beings.
    Check it out as Wisies are the first of its kind 90 second heartwarming, educational videos
    that your child (& you) will LOVE.

  3. Great overview. Controlling expectations is so important. It’s the classic example of a four year old making the bed like a four year and the parent expecting a more mature job.

    Showing the steps is another great point. With anything, if you don’t know how to do it properly you won’t be able to. I think parents forget that children haven’t done responsibility X a dozen already and need some help to know how to do it properly.

  4. cheska

    i agree with you…not all the time we are going to spoonfeed them but give them a sense of responsibility that will enable them to stand on thier own if were not around them…kids now adays are so keen observant of whats happening around them.. theyre also so sensitive to adopt or easily follow what they see…

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