1. meanderer121

    Although it was sometimes painful for me to get up an hour earlier in the morning to get my daughter to band practice while she was in high school I was very pleased that she was a “band nerd”. I never forced her to be in the band; it was always her choice. It was tough for her to get up in the morning too but she did it, albeit sometimes a bit late.

    I found that the kids that she associated with who were also in the band were the kids who were well rounded, did fairly well in school and will, I am sure, continue to have well rounded lives as adults.

    She wasn’t a prodigy, and, sadly, she has given it up since leaving high school but while with the band she was provided the opportunity to take part in The Atlantic Music festival music competition in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I was lucky enough to be able to accompany her as a chaperone.

    So, being part of the band allowed her to travel somewhere she may not have gone, learn the ups and downs of competing, helped instill confidence (after all you’re on stage in front of judges), learn teamwork, and learn how to play an instrument which I am sure is good for brain development.

    I encourage all parents to provide your kids the opportunity to be part of the school music program. Some of your children may not continue on with music but the opportunity for learning and development that they get from participating, even if it is only during their school years, is something they will take with them forever.

  2. Neal

    Glad you liked it! He really has found his own voice on saxophone.

  3. Gabriella P

    Awesome!! Gave me chills.

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