Jan 212015
Senior Care Giving Services

Is It Time To Consider Senior Care Services? A couple years ago at the age of 80, my Mom had a knee replacement surgery. Mom has always been independent, and a bit of a homebody.  The idea of months in a rehab facility were very distressing and added to her anxiety over the surgery. Mom […]

Nov 212014
What's A Guy To Do? When Your Marriage Falls Apart.

Hanging on By the Skin of Your Teeth You’ve been married for two decades. You’ve put your heart and soul into your relationship. It’s taken all of your time, energy, and your youth, but you have never fallen out of love with the girl of your dreams. It all started out as an adventure, but […]

Nov 152014
Child Safety Around The Home

Tips for Childproofing Your Home Accidental injuries kill thousands of children every year in the United States. The saddest thing about preventable injuries is that they could be avoided with proper safety measures. If you want to ensure that your home does not provide opportunities for your children to accidentally hurt themselves or others, keep […]

Sep 112014
Your Worst Nightmare

Your Survival Emergency Plan   It’s 1:00 AM… You’re in the middle of a fantastic dream, when suddenly it turns into a nightmare.. You hear loud banging on your front door…  Stumbling out of bed you head to the door .. “Open Up! This is the Police! We have an emergency situation!” You struggle to comprehend […]

Jul 062014
Sunny Afternoon Fun

The Perfect Sunny Afternoon In this digital computer-driven age, it is very tempting to sit your children in front of the television, games console or iPad. It will keep them entertained and quiet while you can do your own thing. But remember your own childhood, before all the computers and gadgets: hide and seek, water […]

Jul 042014
Dreaming of Grinnell Iowa

Sitting here in my sweltering hot Florida condo by the barely working a/c unit waiting for a puff of cool air while dreaming about Grinnell Iowa hotels. Why Grinnell Iowa? Because it’s the “3rd Coolest Town in America” according to Budget Travel and Florida in the summer is stupid HOT! I can just image chillin in a two-room […]

Jun 052014
Peace Be With You

In today’s hectic stressful world, I can only wish you true peace.   Peace Be With You   Perfect well-being – safety, health All necessary good – food, shelter, clothing All spiritual prosperity – A close personal understanding of God Freedom from fears – no worries Freedom from agitating passions – addictions, greed, lust Freedom […]